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228 comments on “Reviews
  1. Adrienne says:

    Hi, my name is Adrienne and I want to say I recommend your motel to all my family and friends and everyone else.

  2. pria says:

    Just lovely.
    Highly recommend.
    So sorry Im checking out today!!!

  3. Roseanna A says:

    Thankyou for a great holiday!

  4. impressed says:

    I took photos of everything.
    And was really surprised when I got home to download them on my computer that I’d taken more photos of my room and other places at the motel like the laundry and bar b que area (AND even the carpark!) to show everyone, that I’d taken MORE photos of the motel than anywhere else including the beach and holiday snaps!
    I am very happy to have stayed here. Excellent motel!

  5. Wendy says:

    I have never left a review on a website in my life but Im happy to put one here because they deserve it. Nothing was too much trouble and the staff bent over backwards to make sure we had a perfect holiday.
    Our room was spotlessly clean and perfectly presented.

  6. Haley t says:

    Hello, just want to let my friends know that this is the motel I am talking about. Stay here it’s great.

  7. Lynette and Jason G Perth WA says:

    Couldn’t have stayed in a nicer place! We were visiting relatives and they put us onto your motel. Great choice!

  8. ann c says:

    The week went past just too quickly. We would have loved to stay much longer. Definately be back next year.
    Thanks for looking after us so wonderfully!

  9. Noeline says:

    Nothing but praise from me. Highly recommended.

  10. Julie Ri says:

    My family and I would love to thank you for a great weekend. Thanks for helping us out with our bar b que and pool party!

  11. happy says:

    I should give myself a best choice award.
    Very sorry to be checking out and going back to the real world.

  12. Katey M. says:

    Very pleasant and relaxing alround. Loved staying here.

  13. Morgan S.K. says:

    ten stars
    zero minus points

  14. corey & dale says:


  15. erik says:

    I was ssssso skeptical I waited until I got to forster. Then I drove past and looked at the place. Then I asked some locals where the best place to stay was. Then I went to reception and asked them to SHOW me an empty room to see if it looked like the photos on here.
    Then I stayed.
    My review= AAAAA+
    Excellently presented website because it shows everything exactly as it is. And the place is run by the owners and they’re very professional and friendly and helpful. Plus they know the local area and obviously everyone in town too.
    I am very impressed with my room and all the amenities.

  16. terry says:

    Wife and kids loved it. Dad’s a hero.

  17. debbie Mac says:

    The best place to holiday with the family in summer. You have everything, not only beaches and great sunsets and excellent sand and boating and fishing but its not so built up that there’s nothing else to do. We took the kids bushwalking and they saw native animals. Plus theres a LOT of restaurants and a skatepark and NO CROWDS or lines. The roads arent congested and you dont have to drive for hours to get anywhere or do anything. The motel has everything we needed with the biggest bathroom I’d ever seen in a motel anywhere. Free movies on foxtel channels and free wifi and a pool and just exceptional with a kitchen with everything you need to cook and prepare food including pots and pans, frypans and steamers, and a free guest laundry> I could LIVE here!!!
    I would NOT stay anywhere else after having stayed here. It was worth every cent!

  18. patricia says:


  19. marc k says:

    Forster is excellent and this motel is brilliant. Im very happy to put a review here and will definately stay here again.

  20. danielle & sarah says:

    Free wifi internet, free foxtel, big tv, air con, kithcen, laundry, pool, beach, hot hot hot weather! Awesome!

  21. no name says:

    really happy with our room and everything else. Very clean.

  22. bazz from vic says:

    Well done guys. Excellent stay.

  23. bj says:

    Great room. Excellent service.

  24. jill says:

    One week wasnt long enough!

  25. WT says:

    many thanks. Awesomely fantastic holiday! No more caravan parks for us!

  26. mickael says:

    We all had the BEST time here. Thanks for everything!

  27. ej says:

    Undoubtedly, the very best Best

  28. netta says:

    Thanks much!.

  29. becca van says:

    definately recommended. We stayed a week and couldn’t be happier with our choice. We found you on search and were a bit wary but found everything was exactly as described and were surprised by that. Loved everything. Thanks for being a great place to stay!

  30. Sam says:

    This would have to be the biggest and cleanest motel room we’ve ever stayed in. The staff are 100% helpful. Having a kitchen to cook in and a free laundry is outstanding. Couldn’t recommend them any higher.
    Excellent. A+

  31. vy says:

    Beautiful. Excellent beaches and perfect weather. Cant think of anything better to go to on my break. See you next year when I have my next break.

  32. sue L says:

    This place is so quiet at night it was unbelievable!!! I couldn’t hear anything! Slept like a baby for sure! Great motel. Very happy.

  33. nick says:

    I’m visiting from Canada to get away from the winter cold. I have NEVER been to anyplace as hot as this country! Staying here right on the beach was beautiful!

  34. Kelly and Ben says:

    Couldn’t be happier. Loved every second being here! Beats staying in a big city
    Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! šŸ™‚

  35. Dave says:

    thanks for everything u guys r g8

  36. fyi1 says:

    Just excellent. 10/10

  37. Tom says:

    Very happy with my room and my breakfast and very professional helpful and friendly staff.
    Thankyou for a great stay.

  38. greg +3 says:

    Believe it or not my son chose this motel because it was BLUE. Meaning that his favourite colour is blue and this website has everything blue. Really excellent choice.
    We took the kids to the beach, the eldest had some surfing lessons, we went out a boat trip just to sightsee and did a bushwalk on one of the tracks. Then we had to buy a skateboard each so they could use the skatepark.
    Excellent excellent excellent place to stay.
    Recommended. Thankful the website was blue!

  39. Serena says:

    Best place to be in this HOT! Beaches, pool at the motel and air conditioned rooms, free wifi and foxtel. Totally awesome. I’ll be back!

  40. Catherine says:

    I just want to tell you, and everyone else In case you don’t already know…
    I am 100% happy with this motel. And the price! Im glad it wasnt expensive and fitted my budget but I seriously would have paid more. Best value for money

  41. The fishers says:

    hired a boat caught some great fish and stayed in an awesome room. We would definately stay here again and already planning on being back very soon

  42. Abbey says:

    My room wasnt big it was enormous! Really happy with everything.

  43. Rik says:

    Spent the most amazing week just out taking photos of sunrises and sunsets and beaches and boats in the harbour. Just me and my camera and have some amazing shots. Definately doing this again and staying here again. Very comfortable.

  44. mel says:

    I agree with everything everyone else has said.

  45. rebecca says:

    Thanks to everyone who left a review here. Its because of the reviews that I decided to stay here and I couldnt have been happier with my choice.
    Forster is cool

  46. dianna mcv says:

    Very nice motel. Nice rooms. Good light and fresh air. Clean. Very helpful staff and excellent amenities. We enjoyed our stay and will be back to stay again.

  47. hj says:

    bookmarked for my trip!!, & I love your web site!

  48. ray says:

    Worth every penny.

  49. Liz K. says:

    My advice to everyone, stay away from all those multiple booking sites or price comparison sites. Just go to the actual motel website, like this one. SO MUCH MORE INFORMATION and you can actually talk to a real person and get some real info.
    I LOVE THIS WEBSITE. I think all motels should have a website like this so you can see everything and KNOW what you’re getting!
    Had a really good hol, and definately recommend this motel.

  50. jack p. says:

    Everything is very much as I see when I view.

    It was truly informative. Your website is extremely
    helpful. Many thanks for what you show here is the same as our beautiful room and much to our surprise that it was just this way.
    Australia is very beautiful and we remember staying here and it will be a happy memory.
    My thanks for your friendly and professional attendance to our stay in your beautiful city.

  51. mark says:

    Usually going away for a weekend costs more than you image but we paid for our motel ahead of time, we used the kitchen to cook in our room so saved money on restaurants and takeaway, and could pretty much walk everywhere we had to go. For the comfort of having a big comfortable bed and a hot shower, plus free movies to watch this beats camping or a caravan park hands down.

  52. nel says:

    Easy to find, car parked right at out door. Close to the shops and everything else, walk to the beach, beautiful room, lots of stuff to do, free internet foxtel and the heaters worked perfectly. Loved the beach and the pool.

  53. underconstruction says:

    Staying here made me realise I need to get away more often. I had THE greatest weekend in a long time doing nothing but relaxing. The staff couldnt have been more helpful. Definately planning on being back very soon.

  54. Chris P says:

    We had a very good holiday. Thanks for everyones help with suggestions of things to see and do and directions to get there.

  55. Lisa says:

    Plenty to do, plenty to see. Really clean and big comfortable rooms. Definately not small! Quiet. I’ll stay here again anytime.

  56. Burnie says:

    Good place to stay. Close to everything. Happy I chose this place.

  57. tricia says:

    Great holiday!

  58. jennifer says:

    I’m really enjoying the design and layout of your
    website. It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes
    it much more enjoyable. Did you hire out a developer to create your theme?
    Exceptional work! It’s so easy to find out all the info I need.

  59. Kathy says:

    Wow did I have a great stay. I was only there for two nights but my room was excellent, the bed was really comfortable, my bathroom was enormous! The weather was beautiful and I could walk everywhere and I saved money because I didnt need the car and I could cook in my room. I have to say that when I was looking for a motel I searched for one where I could cook myself. Im so SICK of staying in motels where all you have is a toaster and a kettle! In this motel you can cook breakfast lunch and dinner. I hate takeaway food passionately.
    Greatly helpful staff. Very pleased I stayed here.

  60. paula says:

    Surprisingly good motel. And I cant think of anything else they could have had to make it better. I wouldnt stay anywhere else in Forster.

  61. Jane M says:

    We loved staying here. Plenty to do whether we were in our room or out exploring.

  62. Flo says:

    How nice it was to stay in a motel that was actually run by the owners and who actually knew the city and were genuinely wanting to be helpful. Whenever I needed something they helped immediately and were very kind.
    Thankyou to all the staff.

  63. EK says:

    I would definately stay here again and definately recommend it to all my family and friends.

  64. Margaret says:

    I recommend this motel.

  65. kev says:

    Wife loves this motel. Kids loved the motel, and the wifi and foxtel and pool. I loved the motel. Great breakfasts. Helpful staff. Lots of things to do in Forster and excellent fishing.

  66. roseanne says:

    I need to to thank you for a really good break from work. It was so relaxing and quiet. My room was just lovely.

  67. e m says:

    Friendly and helpful staff and close to shops and the beach. Couldnt have asked for more.

  68. tricia says:

    We booked and stayed here because of the recommendations on this website. We’d like to report that everything was true. It was a really nice surprise. We had a great stay.

  69. lj says:

    Great place to stay. Really nice.

  70. Sandra says:

    Very clean and comfortable rooms with a lot of space. I would definately stay here again.

  71. nina says:

    We had a wonderful stay. Thanks for everything.

  72. Britt says:

    Free internet, free foxtel, awesome beaches!

  73. Kylie says:

    1 totally happy and well holidayed out customer.
    I enjoyed every second.
    Thanks for everything.

  74. loydd says:

    Thanks guys. We had a great time.
    recommend this motel to absolutely everyone.

  75. rochelle says:

    This was the most best place to stay on our whole trip!

  76. zara i says:

    Awesome holiday and a great place to stay.

  77. Rebecca says:

    Wonderful site. Lots of helpful information here. I’m sending it to several buddies and putting a page on my facebook about staying here for their hols!

  78. Jazzie says:

    Thanks for looking after my Grandparents. They really loved your motel and how helpful you all were with them.

  79. Fiona R says:

    Definately choose this motel. Quiet and relaxing and the staff will help you with anything.

  80. Olivia says:

    If you need a holiday as much as I did choose this place. I would absolutely stay here again anytime.

  81. petra s says:

    This is really great motel.
    Free wifi
    free foxtel
    air con
    we walked everywhere
    and had a great time!

  82. Wendy says:

    We have one of those kids that when they get bored can get really cantakerous, and we’re always wary about staying in motels because he can really crank up the volume BUT we didnt have one problem here. With the pool and the free foxtel and wifi he didnt even get close to disturbing the other guests. He had a great holiday, his brother and sister had a great holiday and WE had a great holiday too!
    Great place for a family to stay, especially with the kitchen in the room and the guest laundy we could use.
    thankyou so much!

  83. Kira says:

    After staying here I wouldnt stay anywhere else in Forster. I just relaxed the whole time. They had a book in my room where I could look up things to see and do which was really great, and the tourist info centre was just up the road.
    The staff were really great and even the guests in the other rooms were friendly and quiet.

  84. new job needed says:

    I had a really really really awesome holiday staying here! And I didnt want to leave.
    Now I have to go back to work and I dont want to.
    I have decided I need to find a job that pays more so I can afford to take time off more.
    I’ll be back as soon as I can manage it!

  85. Elizabeth says:

    We visited forster for the first time for our nephews 21st and chose to stay in this motel.
    The staff were really helpful with directions and helping us find the best places to eat.
    our room was big and very comfortable. Everything was perfect.

  86. v s says:

    I recommend this motel. It’s one of the best ones we’ve stayed in.

  87. Farmer Joe says:

    So nice to get to the beach for a holiday and some fishing!
    Love this motel. Would definately stay here again.

  88. Donna says:

    We had a very pleasant stay. Thankyou

  89. Patricia says:

    I discovered your motel from searching on google and booked to stay there online using your website. I chose your motel because it had free wifi and I could cook in my room.
    I had a really great week and I’m glad I chose to stay at the Bellavilla.
    thanks to everyone for being so helpful.

  90. G B says:


  91. Laurena says:

    This place seems to have thought about everything you could want and managed to deliver. Big rooms, reverse cycle air con, a pool, kitchen to cook in and a laundry. Plus free foxtel and wifi internet. This is a great place to stay because you can walk everywhere and the staff are really helpful and friendly. I recommend this motel wholeheartedly.

  92. Isabella says:

    Really nice motel with really friendly staff. Thanks for a great holiday.

  93. megan S says:

    Hello, I think your web site is great. It’s really easy to see everything and find everything. AND my room looked the same as your onsite photos, which was GREAT for a change.

  94. Lynne says:

    I would have loved to stay longer. This motel is very good. Nice big CLEAN bathrooms and comfortable beds.

  95. Drew A says:

    Overall a great place to stay. Close to the beach and the shops and plenty to do at night too.

  96. Tasha says:

    You’re so awesome! We’ll be back as soon as we can get more time off work!

  97. g t says:

    Thank you, I stayed here recently and couldnt be happier.

  98. Tom says:

    Iā€™m impressed, I must say. I’m very happy I stumbled across this motel in my hunt for somewhere to take the kids these holidays. They had an absolutely fantastic holiday and Dad’s a champion!
    What more could a kid want? Free wifi and foxtel and a pool, and the beach.
    And I didnt have to do anything except swim and help build sandcastles.
    This place is great.

  99. Amber L. says:

    I was very surprised that after we booked in there was nothing else we had to pay for. Usually there’s something. We had everything in our room we could possibly want including free foxtel which meant we had as many free movies as we had time to watch. And the kids used the free wifi to play games on their tablets.
    The staff were very professional.

  100. W Obain says:

    I stayed here based on the recommendation from friends who stayed with you two years ago. They said I was crazy if I booked anywhere else. They were right. This place is well run and very clean. The staff really know the city and all the attractions. Our room was identical to the photo on the website (except for the painting on the wall) and everything worked.
    Overall I am very pleased with my choice and thank my friends who recommended your motel.

  101. Val says:

    I loved every second of my holiday and didnt want to leave.

  102. Mary says:

    Thankyou to the staff for all your help with directions and recommendations of places to go and see or do things. The restaurants you recommended were brilliant.

  103. Kathy says:

    My friends went to Bali. And really rubbed it in.
    But while we were staying here in this motel we used the free wifi to facetime them.
    They didnt have free wifi.
    They couldnt drink the water.
    And ALL of them were down with food poisoning. They’d been there for a week and hadnt been out of their rooms.
    Our holiday was PERFECT compared to theirs!
    Beautiful beaches, beautiful big waves, perfect weather and really GREAT restaurants.
    Forget Bali. Just stay at this motel.

  104. Kerry says:

    What a great place to stay!
    I really loved this motel. We walked everywhere because everthing was in walking distance and we could go to the supermarket and bring food back and cook in our rooms, they even had a bar b que we could use.
    The staff were friendly and so were all the other people staying there. Everyone was smiling and having a great holiday.

  105. VR says:

    Happy New Year Everybody!
    I hope your night was as fantastic as ours!

  106. Chloe says:

    ten stars

  107. Lani says:

    This was the eighth motel we stayed in as we are travelling around australia and I have to say its been my favourite so far.

  108. Lisa says:

    My kids want me to let you know that they loved the foxtel the free internet and the pool.
    My husband and I want you to know that we loved the peace and quiet and our room was perfect. Really big and clean and plenty of room for everyone and all our bags.

  109. ra says:

    Sun, surf, sunsets…
    it was just a perfect holiday. So relaxing.
    I loved staying at your motel.

  110. Stacey says:

    I wish I could move to forster. It’s beautiful.
    We had a great stay.

  111. Susan says:

    The rooms were big and very clean. The staff were very helpful. We loved the free wifi and foxtel. The kids loved the pool.

  112. TJ says:

    We had a lovely time.
    thankyou to all the staff.

  113. webaddict says:

    Free wifi! You beauty!
    I was at the beach from sunup to sundown AND have the sunburn to prove it.
    And then at night I was on the web on my tablet and dl!

  114. HH says:

    I usually hate motels.
    I really liked this one.

  115. GJ says:

    We just checked out and I have to say we loved every second of our holiday.
    This is a very good motel with good staff.

  116. SW says:

    Normally when I leave a review somewhere it’s to make a complaint.
    But I dont have a complaint.
    I chose this motel from the information on this website, saw the photos etc, then I phoned them, and then I booked.
    I couldnt be happier.
    Everything was the SAME as the photos and the staff were really good at their jobs.
    Even down to my breakfast arriving on time and HOT.
    It’s a shame I cant upload a photo or two that you can use.

  117. Debbie A says:

    Everything was great.
    Nice big rooms, big bathroom, a kitchen! Free foxtel and wifi, which kept the kids busy when they weren’t in the pool! There wasnt one whinge from anyone the whole time we stayed here. I never heard the words “I’m bored!”.
    So we all had a great holiday.
    I give the motel a 10/10.
    The staff are really friendly and couldnt have been more helpful.

  118. ck says:

    We wanted to stay longer but alas, had to go back to work! We’ll be back next year. I recommend this motel to anyone who wants a big room with everything in it. Being able to cook in our room saved us a lot of money. Being within walking distance of the beach and everything else meant we didnt have to use the car so we didnt have to keep paying for petrol either.

  119. Dan says:

    Awesome holiday. We’ll be back. The motel is great. We walked to the beach and shops.

  120. A.L. says:


  121. Toni K says:

    I’d just like to thank the staff for all their help.

  122. Amy says:

    Everything was just perfect. Our room was lovely, the beds were really comfortable and the bathroom was huge! We spent everyday at the beach and every night in the pool. The staff were really friendly.

  123. nj says:

    Perfect. Very happy. Thankyou.

  124. jennie says:

    We didnt expect the room to be so big. The staff were really helpful and polite and smiling all the time. We had an excellent weekend and are completely happy with choosing this motel to stay in.
    our kids are already asking to go back.

  125. Len says:


  126. Kameron says:

    Great surfing! Free wifi! Free Foxtel! Pool. Air Con. Oh yeah and a bed to sleep in.
    And an alarm clock to wake me up to go surfing again.

  127. ken says:

    Finally a holiday where everybody was HAPPY!

  128. natalie says:

    A big thankyou for a great holiday. 10/10.
    I dont know how Im ever going to back to work!

  129. kel s says:

    So here we are back home in NZ. We had a wonderful trip to Australia and planned a trip along the coast for the beaches. this moter inn was the best place we stayed in. Really close to the beach and it had a pool, and free wifi so we could talk to our family and friends at home for as long as we wanted for free, and free foxtel. I liked this moter inn the best out of all the places we stayed.
    thankyou to Stan for all his help.

  130. warren says:

    I have added this motel to my list of places to stay and definately recommend it to you, as I will to all my family and friends. Very pleasant and quiet and well run. Good parking, quiet area, close to the beach and shops, and professional staff. This is one review I wanted to write.

  131. Katie says:

    I loved Forster. We hadnt been here before. My husband got to choose this years holiday events so it was boats and fishing. He had a GREAT time out fishing everyday and I had a brilliant time just walking or driving around. Great motel.

  132. marion says:

    We had a great week.

  133. elen says:

    Im glad we chose to stay here and we’ll definately stay here again.

  134. ch says:

    Fast wifi. Really good.

  135. kate says:

    The staff are really good at their jobs and theyll help you with anything. I loved my room. Love the free wifi and foxtel but today I loved the air con the most. And the pool. I like this motel and I recommend it.

  136. p g says:

    What a relaxing week I had! The kids were either in the pool or using the free wifi or watching the free foxtel or we were at the beach or shopping, so I didnt hear ‘Im bored’ once. And they werent continually asking for things because they always had something to do.

  137. b says:

    This motel has really clean rooms. And theyre big. I cant fault anything. The staff were professional, friendly and extremely helpful.

  138. M&R says:

    We’d like to thank Stan and Margaret for all their help. Anything we needed they were more than happy to help. Extremely nice people.
    We stayed here a long time ago but the old website didnt have a review page.
    Im glad to put one here now and we’ll be booking again very soon.

  139. BC says:

    Cant think of one thing we needed that we didnt have.
    Loved the free wifi and foxtel.

  140. EL says:

    We normally dont leave reviews. But we are this time because I really want to thank the staff for all their help.

  141. Sim says:

    I’ll be back. The beaches were fantastic Really good waves and beautiful sand. Beautiful sunsets too. I love the beach.

  142. Terry says:

    A really good place to stay.

  143. RG says:

    I chose this motel because of the reviews here.
    Now Im leaving one!
    This motel is a really good motel.
    I thought for sure that after I arrived there’d be other things I had to pay for, but there wasnt anything!
    Free wifi was super fast and I loved watching the movies on the foxtel.
    I’d like to thank the office staff with helping me with directions and finding places to see.

  144. Len says:

    A friend recommended this motel to me. I’m happy I listened!

  145. ed says:

    This is how a holiday should be.
    There was everything we needed in our room, normal things like a wardrobe and drawers, but hangers, and hairdryer and etc, but also somewhere to cook, and things to cook with like pots and pans and peelers and all those things. A free laundry if we needed it.
    We could have stayed here indefinately. And would have loved to do so.
    The staff are excellent here.

  146. m.a. says:

    The weather was really great. We walked to the beach and the shops from the motel.
    Our room was clean and fresh smelling.
    I would stay here again for sure.

  147. Yvonne M says:

    I loved the size of the room, and how comfortable the bed was. My husband loved the free foxtel, and our teenagers were either in the pool or on the free wifi or at the beach with us.
    We all had a great holiday.
    Yvonne M

  148. AK says:

    Pleasant place to stay. I would stay here again.

  149. dave says:

    I really like this website. It’s very simple to find everything you want to know or see and it’s really well designed. I like how it looks too. And everything works!
    We had a good time in Foster.
    Great motel.
    I recommend this motel.

  150. ava says:

    Our room was surprisingly big. we didnt have to keep getting out of each others way. And my kids didnt fight once all weekend because they always had something to do. We could see the pool from our window and the kids were in it in minutes. The only time they got out was to go to the beach!

  151. jess says:

    Loved the free wifi
    Great place to stay, highly recommended.

  152. ug says:

    Great room
    great staff
    great wifi
    great foxtel
    great breakfast
    awesome pool
    great beaches
    and a really cool skatepark!

  153. Anne says:

    Totally agree with everything everyone else has written here

  154. Marissa N says:

    It was so good to have a week off work but even better to stay in a motel where all we had to do was relax. Everything worked, everything was exactly like it should be. Our room was clean and well looked after and maintained. And it was really quiet at night so we could sleep. And NO bright lights coming through the window keeping us awake. No trucks roaring past. It was dead quiet. Which was what I really needed!
    We spent most of our time at the beach but the motel was great. We’re really glad we stayed here.

  155. pc says:

    I really enjoyed my stay. Office admin were great.

  156. don b says:

    100% great weekend. Parking the car at our door made things really easy for us. Large room with lots of floorspace and nothing underfoot to trip over. We loved the kitchenette and the size of the fridge. We will be staying here again next time.
    Don B

  157. tash says:

    Our friends stayed at another motel and we stayed here. Our rooms were larger, our bathroom was bigger, we had free foxtel and free wifi and they had to pay if they wanted it!
    We were really happy with our choice.

  158. moet says:

    My wife and I had a very pleasant stay here. Leisurely walks to the beach and shopping, restaurants and cafes. Some really nice places to dine. Pleasant walks along the beach. It was great to not have to use the car for everything.
    the motel is a good choice and I recommend it.

  159. beck says:

    I prtty much agree with what everyone else says here. The staff were professional and genuinely happy to help with anything we asked. Our room was really big and the motel was close to everything we wanted to see or do. We all agreed we’d happily stay here again anytime.

  160. danni says:

    We’d definately stay here again. Lovely and quiet and lots to do. Loved the free wifi!

  161. Rachel T says:

    Nice job, I really like how your site looks. And I really like how its all correct, and that everything that is here is the same as at the motel. And that I can leave a comment without having to log in or join an email list!
    My comment:
    I had a reaaallyyy nice room, and a fantastic weekend. 10/10. Thanks!

  162. m says:

    Nice Room, nice people, great beach. Had a great weekend.

  163. Tom says:

    Great place to stay. Recommended.

  164. pa says:

    Comfortable room and a comfortable bed. BIG bathroom with lots of space. And somewhere to cook! Breakfast was exactly on time and hot.

  165. btt says:

    My room was perfect. The staff were really helpful and knew where everything was in Foster. Recommended.

  166. tacey says:

    I had my nephews for the weekend and we decided to take a quick trip to somewhere with a beach. This was a great choice. Lots for them to do. No complaints from anyone and no-one wanted to go home again.

  167. Mia says:

    I agree with the last guy. My husband booked this motel. Surprise, surprise, it was a really good choice. All four of us had a really good holiday here. And we saw whales. We’ll be back.

  168. MG says:

    Great Motel. I finally picked a good one! So my wife says anyway…

  169. deb says:

    The staff helped me get my bags out of my car and took them to my room for me. They had to teach me HOW to get foxtel on the tv because I dont have it at home, and they had to teach me how to use the wifi. Then they had to give me directions to the beach and the shops and pretty much everything else. They were wonderful. My room was really big and spacious. I recommend this motel.

  170. kev says:

    I only had a few days off from work and we stayed here. I can say for sure this is a good place to stay. Id recommend this motel. The staff couldnt be more helpful if they tried.

  171. anonymos says:

    Loved the free wifi. This was the first motel we stayed in on our holiday where they didnt make us pay extra for it! I spent hours on facetime and ordered in pizza! My bed was really comfortable.

  172. Donna says:

    Definately staying here again next time.

  173. dm says:

    Ive been reading what everyone else wrote and I have to agree with all of them. I usually dont leave reviews but I am this time. Thanks everyone, we had a really great holiday staying here.

  174. jjj says:

    Weather was great, beach was great, motel was great.

  175. zoe g says:

    I really would have liked to stay here longer. Great service. My room was perfect.

  176. tod says:

    Very nice. I recommend this motel. Thanks.

  177. Dale D says:

    Very surprised to find that the motel room looked EXACTLY like the photo on the website. And that everything was as close as it said. We walked to most places. The kids had plenty to do with the free wifi and foxtel channels, and the pool right outside. No complaints from anyone. The breakfasts were great.

  178. tracy says:

    Free wifi, and really FAST. Free foxtel. Close to the beach. Pool. I’ll definately be back again. Thanks.

  179. H says:

    I just wanted to say everything was great.

  180. pk says:

    We were in Forster to visit relatives and they booked this motel for us. It was really lovely. The staff were pleasant and accomodating and helped us with many things. We would definately stay here again next time.

  181. Colleen says:

    I have to agree with everyone else that has left a comment here. Our room was clean and big and comfortable, the staff were great. The beach was nice and close and we all had a great weekend.

  182. Emma and Jo says:

    This was our first trip overseas and our first time in Australia. We arrived in Forster first and then asked where there was a nice motel. This place was recommended to us. We only stayed for two days but it was really nice to stay here. We used the free wifi to talk to our families back home and talked for hours.
    We really love Australia and the beaches and we really liked this motel.

  183. deb P says:

    We would definately stay here again. We normally stay in caravan parks because theyre usually closer to the beach and for budgetting reasons, but this motel is close to the beach and has everything we needed plus we didnt need to walk to a shower block! And overall the costs werent much different. Plus we had the cleaners come in every day to make up the room and clean it. Free foxtel and wifi.
    This beat a caravan park hands down.
    I/we really enjoyed staying here.

  184. Ab says:

    I recommend this motel. Its very quiet and close to the shops and the beach, the room was really nice. The office staff are very helpful.

  185. A.G. says:

    100% great place to stay. We had a really good holiday. 10/10. I wish we could have stayed longer.

  186. Tracey says:

    If you want to save money you need to stay here.
    We paid for everything – the motel room etc – before we left Sydney, and then once we arrived here we didnt need to pay for anything else.
    Because we had a kitchenette we packed an esky with usual things like milk etc and a box with food and used the kitchen to make meals all week.
    We didnt really spend a cent on anything else (if you exclude the fish and chips and the pizza delivery).
    I will definately bring the family again.

  187. KM says:

    Thanks everyone for everything. We had a really good week and a wonderful holiday. We saw whales for the first time and the kids learnt to surf. We have some great photos and really good memories.

  188. Louise says:

    I recommend this motel.
    I had a great weekend.
    I was in one room and my friends were in the room next door.
    I loved the free wifi and I even facetimed my friends nextdoor from my room!

  189. Margaret says:

    We travelled to Forster for our grandsons 21st birthday. He recently moved here for work. We stayed in this motel and were very happy with it. We had a ground floor room with our car right at our door, which for us was wonderful. Everything was effortless for us and the staff helped us with our bags and a lot of other things.
    Our room was large and clean and well looked after. We would definately stay here again.

  190. Kel says:

    Totally awesome holiday. Great beach with really good surf waves. We spent most of our time at the beach and only came back to the motel at dark. The motel is really nice. We loved the pool. We had a great holiday.

  191. cheryl says:

    Very nice. Thanks

  192. Chloe says:

    I just want to say thankyou to the staff for all their help with directions on how to get places in forster. We had a lovely week. Thanks

  193. DL says:

    I recommend this motel. It was much better than any other motel we’ve ever stayed in. Lots of free things that you usually have to pay for like foxtel and wifi. But we also had somewhere to cook in our rooms and make breakfast lunch and dinner. We had use of the laundry even though we didnt need to use it.
    The room was big and really clean and the bathroom was twice the size of a normal motel bathroom.
    Usually when you stay in a motel theres a book in your room for room service with exhorbitant prices for everything, but in this motel theres a book outlining everything in your room and whats in the city to go and see.
    It was so NICE to stay somewhere where we had everything we wanted and needed and werent having to keep paying for more!
    Our room was exceptionally nice and I’d even say faultless. Really clean, nice big windows and fresh air. Nice big screen tv and free foxtel.
    I cant think of anything that we needed that we didnt have!

  194. Enka says:

    This is nice motel. This is very good beach and nice to swim. We have good holiday here. We use free wifi and talk to family in our homes for a long time and tell them how very nice is this place here. Very good people and very helpful with us. We like to come here again. We are happy with all these service. So much nice things to do here. Very good place to visit and see.

  195. Peter M says:

    I dont usually leave reviews but in this case I wanted to. We had the best weekend staying here. All I wanted to do was fish. My wife and the kids wanted to go to the beach. There was so much to do that everyone had a great holiday. Our room was exactly like the photo on the website and having foxtel was great for night time. Our teenager spent most of her time on her phone using the free wifi and all five of us agree that every day was a great day. Thanks everyone.

  196. Nat says:

    A friend recommended this motel to us after they stayed here last year. They told us the rooms were big and so were the bathrooms and that it was close to everything. But mainly that the rooms had somewhere where we could make our own meals and a laundry we could use. This helped us save a lot of money to spend on other things while we were in forster. We also had free foxtel and free wifi. And we saved money by not using the car because we could walk to the shops and to the beach. The kids loved the pool. My friend was right. We had a great holiday and will definately be back again next year. And thinking about making a quick trip after christmas!

  197. Lisa says:

    Really nice place to stay. Nice and quiet. Friendly Staff.

  198. Deb says:

    This was the first place we stayed in where our kids werent complaining about being bored. They had the pool and in the room the foxtel and wifi. The beach was right down the road and alround it was a really great stay. They always had something to do and werent bored once.

  199. Bob says:

    We loved our room. And the staff were really good. I recommend this motel.

  200. Gina says:

    I usually hate staying in motels, but the bed was comfortable, my breakfast was hot, we had free wifi and free foxtel, air conditioning, a pool and lots of other stuff, but mainly the bed was really comfortable. I would definately stay here again. Gina

  201. TN says:

    We spent most of our time at the beach but the motel was great. Really close to the beach and the shops.

  202. Fiona E. says:

    So nice to stay in a motel where they’re not pushing room service at you. We had everything we could possibly need and more. It was great to have a way to cook in our room. Loved the pool. Loved the wifi. The staff were really good. Thankyou.

  203. Vy says:

    I will definately stay here again. I couldnt fault one thing. Everything was clean and everyone was really nice. We didnt have to use our car for anything the whole time we stayed here. I recommed this motel.

  204. Beth says:

    totally great weekend stay. Our room was really big and so was the bathroom. Loved the free wifi and the foxtel. It gave the kids something to do while we were in our room.

  205. PS says:

    Our room was lovely. The staff were really helpful and friendly.

  206. ed says:

    We had a great stay. Thanks

  207. TD says:

    Good size rooms and really clean. The service was excellent.

  208. the kids says:

    We liked the pool. And we like the internet that was free and we could play games and speak to Nanna on facetime. And we liked the foxtel and we watched some movies. We walked to the beach everyday and we swam there. We had a good holiday.

  209. aaa says:

    I normally dont leave reviews, but I just have to say thanks for all the help from the guys in the office. They couldnt have been more of a help.

  210. Jase says:

    Great wifi. And it was fast. Hooked in and surfed all night. Then surfed at the beach in the day. Awesome waves. The staff helped us find cheap places to eat.

  211. Jo says:

    I’ve been reading these other reviews and I’m just going to say the same things. Our stay was really good. If we can get more time off work we’ll be back in summer and we’ll definately stay here again.

  212. Gabby says:

    Nice big rooms and really good service. We had a great few days in Forster.

  213. Leelee says:

    We spent most of our time at the beach but the motel was really close and convenient. The room was really nice with lots of floorspace and we werent tripping over our bags. Nice big bathroom too! And we loved the pool! And we spent a long time on the free wifi showing our friends and family back in the UK where we were and making them jealous! Its cold back there and beautiful here!

  214. B & K says:

    What nice people! They couldnt do more to help. They made our stay really great and we both appreciated everything they did for us. They knew where everything was in forster and helped us with directions. Thankyou.

  215. Dave says:

    I only took one weeks holidays from work, and took the family to Forster for the beach and we stayed here. Usually its really expensive for the whole family, but with the kitchen in our room and being able to make all our meals there it cut our costs right down. We didnt need to drive the car because we could walk to the beach and the main street and shops. The motel has free wifi and foxtel and a pool, and a laundry, so, if I’d known all of this I would have taken two weeks off work and stayed longer. Now Im back in my office… And I could be at the beach. Surfing. šŸ™‚

  216. E.V. says:

    I recommend this motel. The office staff are really good and helped us with anything we asked as soon as we asked. I felt like I was in the office more than I was in my room. I needed help with using the wifi, the foxtel, info on directions to find places in forster, where to eat and just about everything else. They were great. And we saw whales! Nice relaxing weekend.

  217. BT says:

    Nice. Ive stayed in a lot of motels and usually theres something they dont have. This place was really good. It was close to the beach and the shops, so I could walk down and go to the supermarket and get some food and cook it in my room instead of forking out more money three times a day for everyone. It saved us a lot. Which meant we could take the kids more places. The staff were really helpful and my kids want to go back again.

  218. haley says:

    Really comfortable and quiet. We had a really nice room and we skyped for free! It was great.

  219. BC says:

    I just want to thank the staff for being so helpful.

  220. cc says:

    I recommend visiting forster. We saw whales! For the first time ever!
    I recommend the bellavilla motel. Our room was great and really clean. I couldnt find anything to fault (and Im a neat freak! Ask anyone!). Everyone was friendly and helpful. Thankyou.

  221. viv says:

    I couldnt get over all the stuff we got for our room, free wifi and foxtel, but the kitchens with all the things you need to cook with and the guest laundry was great. My kids can mess up everything in a day and it saved us having to find a laundromat and drag everything around and then wait for it. All of our rooms were together and all of us really liked the motel. Recommended.

  222. E says:

    Great beaches and I did a lot of shopping. The motel was really close to everything, and it was great to be able to cook in our rooms instead of spending a fortune on room service like everywhere else! We were travelling in a group so being able to cook made things easier for all of us. The staff were really helpful. I had no idea how to use free wifi šŸ™‚

  223. Steph says:

    I really liked my room. I wish our group could have stayed longer. Loved the wifi.

  224. Damo says:

    We travelled in a group and all our rooms were together so it was really good. Great bbq with everyone. This is one of the best motels we stayed in on our trip so far.

  225. Jane says:

    We had a great weekend. The managers were great and couldnt have been more helpful. Thankyou.

  226. BT says:

    Really helpful staff. I was impressed with our room and our view of the pool. We hadnt been to Forster before and it was great. Great beaches and really close to where we were. The free wifi kept our teenager busy while he wasnt at the beach!

  227. Gina says:

    Great wifi! great pool! Our breakfasts were hot. The weather was great and we spent most of our time at the beach. Our room was bigger than it looked in the photos and it was really comfortable. I would stay here again anytime.

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